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US cell number 8197243940 area - Quebec, Canada. Mobile number belongs to the network operator Videotron.

US mobile phone number for national destination 8197243940. US mobile phone number for international destination +18197243940.

Vidéotron is a Canadian integrated telecommunications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development, video on demand, cable telephony, wireless communication and Internet access services. Owned by Quebecor, it primarily serves Quebec, as well as the Francophone communities of New Brunswick and some parts of Eastern Ontario. Its principal competitors are Bell Canada and Telus Communications. Vidéotron serves 1,830,400 cable television customers, including over 1,517,600 digital cable subscribers. Vidéotron also has more than 1,408,200 high-speed cable Internet subscribers, the most in Quebec. As of September 2013, the company has activated 478,000 mobile phones as well as providing cable telephone service to nearly 1,281,200 customers. Vidéotron's cable services are available in the greater areas of Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay. Vidéotron also serves areas in eastern Ontario, such as Rockland and the surrounding municipality of Clarence-Rockland, as well as parts of New Brunswick near the Quebec border. Vidéotron's cable community channels are branded as MATV.

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